Caption for Korolyov’s slide rule

The “magician’s wand”

Sergei Korolyov used this german-made slide rule to make quick calculations. To his colleagues, Korolyov’s slide rule was a “magician’s wand.” Today’s engineers and scientists use pocket calculators for this purpose.

Manufacturer: Albert Nestler A.G.”, Germany

Korolyovs slide rule

Korolyov's slide rule

Caption for Von Braun’s slide rule

An engineer’s tool

While a manager and public figure, Wernher von Braun stayed close to the work of engineering and design, using this slide rule for calculations.

Manufacturer: Albert Nestler A.G., Germany

Von Brauns slide rule

Von Braun's slide rule

According to Wikipedia article on slide rules:

German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun brought two 1930s vintage Nestler slide rules with him when he moved to the U.S. after World War II to work on the American space program. Throughout his life he never used any other pocket calculating devices; slide rules served him perfectly well for making quick estimates of rocket design parameters and other figures.

I find it an odd twist of fate that these two towering engineers used the same slide rule model.